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Life Education

Updated: Mar 18

You will not find too many people who went to school in Australia who are not familiar with Happy Healthy Harold. The giraffe mascot for Life Education and the epitome of health, anti-drugs and alcohol education in Australian schools.


Born in 1979 from Ted Noff’s Wayside Chapel in Sydney’s Kings Cross, Life Education was designed to target illicit drug use and alcoholism. While committed to providing crisis relief and rehabilitation, Ted also wanted to address these issues before they became a problem… through education.

His vision for Life Education was centred on the powerful concept that each and every child is unique and a true marvel in body mind and spirit. He did not want to frighten kids with scare tactics to make them act in ways that were best for them but rather motivate and empower them to actively draw on their own knowledge to make safer and healthier choices.

This is still the mission of Life Education today and is seen in the latest resources that we have made for the new series of Healthy Harold books. Fitness Fun, Library Liftoff! and Making Music each focuses on a different method for encouraging young children to enjoy exercise, develop a love of reading as a form of learning and to understand that practice is an essential part of skill development.

The resources that we have developed are geared towards pre-school and early primary school students. They cover all areas of the curriculum and use fine motors skills, early literacy development, basic maths and number development, science facts and art and craft to engage students in each story. There are also 2 physical games and activities for each of the 3 books to ensure we practice what we preach and provide an opportunity for students to work together and be active rather than just complete sedentary worksheets.

In addition to the over 40 printable activities we have developed computer and tablet compatible games such as memory, mazes and puzzles for quiet time activities for each of the books. We have also created environmentally friendly paper free virtual worksheets that children can complete on-line with inbuilt assessment on completion.

There is something for everyone in the resources for these 3 books and the opportunity to use this well known and beloved giraffe to help you teach such a wide range of concepts. There are activities designed to teach everything from rhyming word matching, musical identification and graphological matching to puzzles based on the Dewey decimal system, recipes and musical notation code breakers.

Be sure to grab a copy of these bright fun rhyming books and the activities at Learn From Play to teach your students how they can have fun, get physically active and develop resilience. Visit to grab all the activities and purchase the books today.