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We bring you stories written by us that help children have fun and learn at the same time.


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Molly Chapter 3Paddy McCann
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Listen to our latest Molly story.

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Book 1 - Starting With Why
Book 2 - Why We Need Numbers
This Learn From Play Original explains why we need Numbers. It is a perfect introduction to Mathematics for Kindergarten students.
Book 3 - Why Add and Subtract are Opposites
Toby And The Misunderstood Crocodile Book Activities
This is a cautionary tale about why children should never talk to strangers or unusually chatty crocodiles. In the style of Roald Dahl, Toby and The Misunderstood Crocodile by learn From Play Co-Founder Paddy McCann is fun for reader or all ages who like a story with a twist and a snap in its tail.
Molly The Marsupial Mouse Book Activites
The is the first in our series of 5-minute audio stories called Urban Explorers. Written and recorded by Paddy McCann, they celebrate native animals living in the urban environment.
Frugal Fred Book Activities
An environmental tale about an old man who is protecting the environment while saving money which he uses to further help the environment. As a Learn From Play original story activities include a find-a-word, art activities, craft activities, matching activities, sorting rubbish challenges, maths problems and more.
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