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Updated: Nov 1

At Learn From Play we have everything you need for Book Week 2023

With just three weeks until Book Week it is the perfect time to start thinking about costumes, parades and Book Week related activities for your students.

Organised by the Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA), Book Week is a fantastic annual event that celebrates the magic of storytelling and encourages children to explore the exciting world of literature. Let’s dive into the essence of Book Week and discover the treasure trove of resources we have created to help you ignite your students' imagination and foster a lifelong love of reading.

The Significance of Book Week:

Book Week is a much-awaited event for teachers, students and book lovers alike. Held during August each year, this week-long celebration aims to promote reading and bring children closer to the enchanting world of books. Throughout the event, schools, learning centres, pre-schools and libraries host various activities and events centred around a selected theme. This year’s theme of Read, Grow, Inspire is designed to foster creativity and inspire students to embark on exciting literary adventures.

CBCA Shortlisted Books:

At the heart of Book Week are the shortlisted books across several categories, recognised for their literary brilliance and captivating narratives. These books offer a diverse range of genres, themes and perspectives, appealing to readers of all ages. As a teacher, you can leverage these shortlisted books to create engaging lessons, spark discussions and encourage critical thinking among your students.

Learn From Play Book Week Resource Treasure Trove!

The Learn From Play website complements the essence of Book Week by providing a plethora of